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Taking the ‚ÄčEscalator 

Substance Use Therapy Tools

Harm Reduction

12 Step Alternatives      Addiction and Substance Use Resource

      Non 12 Step Motivational Harm Reduction Tools for Substance Use & Mental Health

Taking the Escalator


Taking the Escalator supports art, music, poetry and hobbies as positive outlets in the process of change and recovery when coping with substance use and mental health issues. The content featured and promoted here is from people who have been helped by the Taking the Escalator method and worksheets, who have consented to have their personal work displayed or linked to this page.

Flower Sketch

"New Jersey 2021" 

"Tyler" took up the hobby of producing drone footage as a healthy way to cope and escape the stresses of life. Check out the beautiful footage including amazing shots of the Jersey Shore and historic Asbury Park

To submit a creative work for posting here: 

Email - [email protected]